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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. california's budget battle now in overtime. how bay area schools stand to lose if no deal is reached. plus, tensions over terrorism on capitol hill. the controversial hearing today and why some say it will inflame bias against muslims in america. good morning. it is thursday, march 10. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it is 4:30. i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie does have the morning off. time is 4:30 on the nose. let's get a quick check of weather and traffic. >> let's kick it over to
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lawrence. >> yes. >> yesterday was delightful. >> it was nice yesterday h a couple of 70s around the bay area but today a completely different story. just a couple of patches of fog to start out with. look what we have coming. we have the cold front diving into the bay area. carry that rain gear. you will need it. we'll tell you when coming up in a few minutes. right now let's check traffic with gianna. >> good morning. we start off with roadwork on 880, typical around this time of the morning. both directions of 880 near hayward, we have closures there, west 92 ramp to south 880 also closed. so far, so good on the bay area bridges, back to you guys. thank you. the deadline is here but governor jerry brown has asked lawmakers to delay today's vote on his budget plan. christin ayers is in oakland with how the standoff could have a great impact on bay area schools. she joins us now live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. governor brown is asking for the delay to try to build more
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support from republicans for his budget plan which he says would spare schools and deep budget cuts. still, districts like oakland unified are bracing for the worst. at its board meeting wednesday night, the district approved hundreds of pink slips sent out to teachers and administrators. those pink slips could mean massive job cuts if district -- districtwide if brown's budget is not approved. some parents who showed up last night said they were fed up. >> you talk about cutting 550 positions, i can just imagine what that's going to look like for a student to go to school. >> i believe in our society and in california at this point in history, that the people should weigh in on whether they would like to extend taxes that they are already paying or do they want to have an all-cuts budget wherein we double the cuts.
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>> reporter: lawmakers were supposed to vote on the budget today but yesterday the governor asked democrats if the legislature -- in the legislature to delay the vote to give him time to garner republican support for the plan. the sticking point, as you heard there, is a set of tax extensions expected to generate about $12 billion in revenue if approved by voters in a special election. republicans have been reluctant to put the issue before the voters. brown is seeming to signify yesterday asking for that delay that he thought he could garner some republican support if given more time. if the deal isn't reached that could mean cuts as deep as $5 billion for education. >> thank you, christin ayers live in oakland. in wisconsin, protestors rushed to the state capital to voice their opposition to a move to limit public employees' rights to collective bargaining. the wisconsin assembly is expected to vote this morning
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on the bill passed by the state senate yesterday. the democratic state senators had fled the state to try to keep the vote from even happening. but republicans took the spending measures out of the proposal. that eliminated any need for any democrats to vote. >> this is a violation of law. this is not just a rule. it's the law. >> we're adjourned. >> no, mr. chairman, this is a violation of the open meetings law. it requires -- [overlapping speakers] >> what have you done! >> the leader of the wisconsin senate democrats says his caucus will return to the state. but he won't say when. it is 4:34. the house homeland security committee opens hearings today on the radicalization of american muslims. peter king of new york says the hearings are essential to fight homegrown terror. he cites moves by al qaeda to
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recruit america. but critics warn against alienating muslims. >> tips that we have received, that we have been shared has been critical to our efforts to disrupting plots that otherwise might have occurred. >> this hearing is focused on an issue that we have to be aware of. it is something that is facing us and provides a threat to our people. >> several witnesses will testify including relatives of young men who allegedly were drawn into terrorism. nato defense leaders are meeting today in brussels trying to find a way to pressure libyan leader moammar qaddafi into stopping the violence against his people. red cross says libyan doctors are seeing a sharp increase in casualties, mostly civilians. u.s. security officials say plans to implement a no-fly zone over libya should continue but they don't think it would do much to stop attacks on the rebels. dalai lama is stepping down
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as the political leader of the tibetan government in exile. the 76-year-old made the announcement last night on the anniversary of the 1959ty death pan uprising against chinese control. he wants the government based in india to have more power. next week the community is expected to elect someone to take the reins. the dalai lama said he would like to live as a monk. more cases could be dropped because of accusations of police misconduct in san francisco. district attorney george gascon has dropped 57 cases so far. they are all linked to eight officers under investigation for raiding hotel rooms without warrants. hotel cameras caught a team of police officers conducting drug searches. the officers are accused of falsifying police reports about what really happened. a proposal to cut down on the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in san jose
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cleared a key hurdle. yesterday, the city council's rules committee thwarted a plan that will go before the full council on april 12. it would reduce the number of pot clubs in business from 100 to just 19 and restrict where they can operate. for the first time this morning, we're hearing from a teenager who survived the san bruno pipeline explosion. 19-year-old joseph ruiz gomez attended a memorial last night. he says he was watching a football game when the pipeline blew up yards away from his home. his girlfriend was sitting next to him. she died instantly. >> just for that to be stripped away is just -- it's worse than any injury. i don't care about my injuries. all that's on my mind is how much i miss my girlfriend. >> eight people were killed in the explosion. ruigomez suffered burns on his face and midsection and has
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been receiving hospital treatment ever since. time now 4:37. let's check weather and traffic. lawrence, you were paying attention yesterday? did you bring a rain jacket? today is rain. >> we have a cold front approaching the coastline. you can see rain moving into far northern california but the trailing edge comes into our area with half inch of rain in the north bay. nearly .25" on the peninsula and santa cruz mountains, a tenth into the south bay so you get the idea. going to see some rainfall around the bay area today and looks like this is moving through the middle of the day when we'll see the brun -- when we see the brunt of the system moving by. cooler than yesterday. 50s and 60s for highs today. we'll see a lot of cloud cover and, of course, much cooler air behind the system.
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so with that in mind, going to be wet today. tomorrow we are going to catch a break. tomorrow partly cloudy. but there is a chance we could see showers north of the golden gate bridge on saturday. the rest of us just some passing clouds. a better chance for rain for the entire bay area comes sunday. showers possibly into monday, tuesday and wednesday. so don't put that umbrella away. looks like we may need it for some time to come. that's a look at weather. let's talk to gianna about traffic. >> lawrence, it's not too bad this morning. i just got done with chp no major accidents or incidents. the only thing to worry about is typical construction. a live camera just south of there so far no delays along 880 as you work your way through oakland. off to a good start. south of there through 880 we have roadwork various lanes closed 880 near 92. west 92 connector to south 880 shut down as well as south 880
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to 92. so far traffic fairly good no delays to report a little foggy on the bay bridge only 13 minutes to go between 880 and 101. we'll check the south bay next. right now back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:40. creepy crawleys are causing more problems. the latest automaker dealing with a spider infestation. >> not just mazda anymore. >> plus, on the lookout for a lamborghini. where a celebrity chef's car was spotted on the road and what surveillance video captured hours after the heist. >> and it is judgment day for lindsay lohan in her stolen necklace case. how the actress is trying to avoid her fourth trip to jail.
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chance of showers by noontime. keep the umbrella handy.
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we'll have your forecast coming up in just a minute. >> all righty, lawrence. it is 4:42. we knew this couldn't go under the radar for very long. a lamborghini stolen in a very sophisticated heist has been spotted up in marin county. police say video surveillance captured the car, which belongs to celebrity chef guy fieri. they saw it in tiburon on tuesday. the video shows the car leaving the town a short time later. police think the thief rappelled from the roof of the dealership on van ness avenue in san francisco tuesday morning to steal the $200,000 car. first it was mazda, now honda is dealing with its own little web of problems. "usa today" reports the company is alerting dealerships to check accords for the yellow sack spider. those are the same spiders that cause mazda to recall 65,000 sedans last week. a spokesman says the spiders can create blockages which will
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cause the check engine light to come on but they won't lead to stalling or leaks like in the mazda. >> like something out of a horror movie. foreclosure notices in the u.s. hit a three-year low. but that may be temporary. and households are spending much more on gas, not surprising there. ashley morrison has this morning's moneywatch report. >> reporter: asian markets saw a sell-off as oil prices rose near $105 a barrel. the nikkei is at a five week low, hong kong's hang seng fell nearly 1%. wall street gets the weekly jobless claims. the dow lost 1 point yesterday while the nasdaq gave back 14. foreclosure notices dropped to a three-year low last month. but experts caution most of that drop is because lenders put a temporary stop on some home seizures due to allegations they were cutting corners with paperwork. still, nearly 65,000 homes were
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repossessed last month. analysts expect the foreclosure crisis to peak this year. the average household can expect to spend $700 more on gas this year than last year. the energy department bases their estimate on an annual pump price of $3 .61 a gallon and says the annual cost will average more than $3,200 for households. the agency expects gas to be $3.71 during the summer peak driving season and says there is a 25% chance it will top $4 a gallon. the rich just keep getting richer. once again, mexican tycoon carlos slim tops forbes magazine's list of the world's rips people with a net worth of $74 billion. bill gates is second with $56 billion. he would have been first had he not given a third of his fortune away to charity. and warren buffett who plans to give away 99% of his wealth is third. that's your moneywatch. for more, stay with
4:46 am in new york, i'm ashley morrison. starbucks is facing a lawsuit over its tip jar. it stems from 2008 when a customer in st. louis tries to stop a teenager who stole the tip jar. they got in a fight and the 54- year-old fell down and hit his head. he actually died two days later. now his family is arguing that starbucks invited the crime by having the tip jar on the counter. they also claim the company should have warned customers about the potential harm. >> that's a little crazy, huh? >> yeah. dangerous. >> getting a coffee? well, the time now is 4:46. president obama's message to bullis, how he is using facebook to reach out to students. >> plus could you do it? the 40-day challenge to stay off a social network. >> i'm addicted. >> i'm, too. >> your morning cup doing a lot more than just waking you up. the special health benefits coffee has for women. coming up.
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we have no proven guilt here. >> or does the video speak for itself. a bay area hockey team accused of throwing a game. why its rivals are now threatening violence. ,,,, [ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience
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purpose... pos an amateur hockey team facing accusations that it lost a game on purpose, possibly to affect matchups in the upcoming play-offs. the santa clara blackhawks played two weeks ago. the blackhawks in white never took a shot at the goal and when san diego took a shot the goalie just let the puck go on by. now the california amateur hockey association has suspended the blackhawk coaches. >> it's that first step. you suspend somebody. you have an investigation. you get to hear both sides of the story. you get to hear the whole story. >> the teenaged player has not been suspended by the way but someone has started a facebook
4:50 am
page called i hate the santa clara blackhawks. it already has 120 friends. for the record, a member of the blackhawks is the son of a cbs 5 on air personality. today the president and first lady will hold a conference on preventing bullying in schools. students, parents and teachers will gather at the white house. the goal is to bring together communities that have been affected by bullying and people who are already addressing the problem. there will be a special facebook chat at 9 a.m. pacific time. lindsay lohan heads back to court this morning. a source close to the actress says she will not accept a plea deal offered to her last month in the grand theft case. lohan has pleaded not guilty to stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in january. the judge has said if lohan accepts the plea agreement, he will send her to jail for the
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fourth time in as many years. what a change in the weather for today. starting out this morning, yeah, mostly clear around the bay area. we have a couple of patches of fog out there. temperatures running in the 40s and looks like a couple of 50s outside but as we head through the day, we are going to notice those clouds pouring into the sky and before long maybe a couple of raindrops, too, especially in the middle of the day. highs noticeably cooler than yesterday. had a couple of 60s and 70s but not this afternoon. much cooler and we have those showers. so it looks like a big change as the cold front drives into california. the rain has started up towards eureka and crescent city. this is going to slide down slowly into the bay area. tonight look like a major weathermaker but if you have lunchtime plans this could ruin them. as the front moves through, it will bring with it scattered showers for today and looks like maybe a brief break but there are more storms lining up out in the pacific. let's see if we can time this out as we head toward the middle of the day. you can see the front begins to drop in so noontime hour lunchtime plans a good chance
4:52 am
you will see rain around the bay area all the way from santa rosa into the peninsula and possibly the santa cruz mountains. and then by the afternoon, this thing begins to taper off somewhat. still becoming much more widely scattered towards the evening commute. still the temperatures going to be way down compared to what we had yesterday. plan on 50s and 60s for highs around the bay area today. and as we overlook the next few days, well, it looks like we may catch a break for tomorrow with some partly cloudy skies. as we look towards saturday, there is a slight chance of showers, mainly north of the golden gate bridge by saturday afternoon and evening. and then on sunday i think a better chance of a few showers around the bay area on monday, and further scattered showers on tuesday and wednesday. so keep that umbrella handy. let's get a traffic check with gianna. >> so far our morning commute is problem-free. let's take you to live conditions in the south bay. here's 101 near mckee. headlights going northbound. not a lot of cars on the road. i think you're quiet through
4:53 am
there. there was some construction south 101 between story and capitol expressway. they are hoping to wrap it up within the next 10 minutes but i just checked and no delays in the area. speaking of construction, on the maps, we have some roadwork. westbound 92 ramp to southbound 880 still shut down. that could be wrap up within 10 minutes. various lanes closed as well as on 880 in both directions near 92 so just a heads up heading out the door through there. roadwork also north 880 between fruitvale and embarcadero should be cleared by 5 a.m. 880 traffic moving well in both directions. in the east bay, 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. clear on 580, only 14 minutes from the altamont pass to 680 if you are headed westbound and if you again are taking 880 only 15 minutes from 238 to the maze on the northbound side. marin county good. things are cruising well about 13 minutes from 37 to 580 -- or 8 minutes, rather.
4:54 am
heading to the golden gate bridge not too bad, a few cars on the southbound side but overall, pretty clear if you are heading into san francisco, no there's through that portion. the rest of the bridges look like this. not bad. here's the san mateo bridge. both directions clear. looks like about 13 minutes between 880 and 101. and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are still off and no delays to report. you're clear across the upper deck into san francisco. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. >> you it. having a baby could soon get more expensive. even before you ever even leave the hospital. for the past eight years, doctors have given high risk women the hormone progesterone to improve their chances of going full term. since there was no patent, pharmacies would just mix the drug but now the fda has approved a commercial version and the cost has skyrocketed from $20 a dose to $1500. >> i can't believe that they would sort of hold a drug hostage in a way for people
4:55 am
when it's the life and death of their child could depend on it. >> women in need of progesterone are typically given injections every seven days for 20 weeks. at the new price that would cost each patient about $30,000. >> big coffee drinker? >> yeah. just a little bit. [ laughter ] >> got my four cups. drink up because women who have more than one cup of coffee a day are less likely to have a stroke. that's according to a study reported from the journal of the american heart association. researchers looked at more than 34,000 women over 10 years. those who had multiple cups of coffee every day but no more than five -- well, that's good -- lowered their risk of stroke by 22 to 25%. five would be -- >> i'm already on cup number 3. what about you? >> i'm on one. maybe you will hit five. >> i hit two before he even got out the door. >> you are an achiever. >> you're shaking but at least you won't have a stroke. >> hope you make it through the
4:56 am
show. >> yeah. one day down, 45 more to go. yesterday marked the start of lent. a religious period of fasting in the christian faith, of course. >> karen shows us the age-old tradition has taken a 21st century twist. >> reporter: meet alcohol, chocolate and facebook. fasting from facebook is one of the new things for lent. >> i truly overindulged in it. the only thing that came to mind is facebook. i spent too much time on there. >> reporter: giving up social media facebook, twitter, it's available in the palms of our hands. >> it's a relatively short period of time, 40 days so it gives you an opportunity to think about, is there something i'm doing in my life that i need to stop or is there something that i'm doing in my life that i'd like to do more of. >> reporter: more time is at the core of this facebook fast. he says thanks to his ipad a
4:57 am
constant portable presence, he spends about 3 hours per day on the site. he says his girlfriend, among others, is ecstatic about him focusing less on virtual connections. >> i want to see my friends like actually in person. i want to keep in touch with people that really matter to me. >> reporter: he deactivated his account but not deleted it in the hopes of reaping the benefits others have enjoyed during the social media fast. >> i found after i came back from being away from it during the lent, i do check it a little bit less frequently now, which was a good result. >> reporter: a spring cleaning of sorts for reprioritizing relationships virtual and personal. >> you can always be reached and connected. we forget about the opportunity for presence in just our everyday lives. >> reporter: in washington, i'm karen keifa. 4:57. a string of car burglaries at a restaurant in the south bay. the one items that's a magnet for crooks. today was supposed to be
4:58 am
the deadline for the budget proposal. why it won't happen and how schools are preparing for deep cuts. >> we have heard the doom and gloom stories about caltrain service cuts on the way. that may not happen. we'll explain coming up. plus, his world shattered by the san bruno blast. the first interview with the teenaged survivor. his struggle to live with the loss of his girlfriend. ,,
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